Hello… 1-2… Is this on?

Shit, am I live?!?

Hello… 1-2… Is this on?

29 thoughts on “Hello… 1-2… Is this on?

  1. Sometimes, you sit in your home thinking, and wondering whether it’s just you who sees what’s going on. Then someone unexpected pips up and articulates exactly that.

    Well said, and above all, well done for sticking your head above the parapet. Murdoch will do for us all if we let him.

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  2. Paul Logan says:

    Well said Charlotte! Some thought out comments and insights there… Ever thought of having a go yourself ?? πŸ˜‰


  3. TB says:

    Whilst a big fan of CC, I cannot understand where her political motives are derived. Each to their own and all but I shall not be changing mind xx


  4. Gary Manders. says:

    So all the things we hear about tactical voting for who you believe in is all out the window is it??
    You are simply saying vote for the opposing party to get another party out.
    That’s not politics at all. That’s disrespectful to the thousands campaigning and to the millions voting but most of all being disrespectful to your own political beliefs.
    You should vote for who you believe in.
    It’s as simple as that I’m afraid.

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    1. Richard Holmes (@RichardHolmes20) says:

      Sorry, Gary, but in a first past the post system voting for who you believe in may be be a pointless exercise if the party you support has no chance of winning the seat, and that also assumes that you absolutely buy into the manifesto pledges of one party. There are plenty of people out there for whom the most important thing is to prevent the Conservatives forming the next government, even if that means biting the bullet and voting for a party that is the least bad rather than their favoured choice.

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    2. Topaz says:

      “You are simply saying vote for the opposing party to get another party out.
      That’s not politics at all.”

      Yes it is, actually. That’s *exactly* what politics is.

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  5. Must say I agree with your appraisal of the political situation in the UK. You describe here the same picture I see. One thing I differ on is that by not voting with what you believe in ,ultimately things don’t change. Things only change when the first steps are taken. Certainly progressive politics or civilised politics won’t happen until we abandon the status quo. I feel that this election more than any other (due in large part to the amazing situation in Scotland), that the idea of another , fairer andpeople based way of doing things is emerging. Very interesting read,and well done for giving your thoughts on this.


  6. Dave Mellows says:

    Absolutely brilliant Charlotte! You’ve articulated the things that I believe, but much better than I could have done. Thank you. (It’s now on my Facebook page).


  7. Jim says:

    May I just congratulate you on a fabulous, thoughtful and considered piece. If only all people felt the same way we’d have a far better country. Thanks.


  8. This post is bang on the money – well said Charlotte πŸ™‚ The current state of the NHS is a disgrace – the lack of staff and funding almost cost me my life last month (read here if you want the gory details https://hrslasht.wordpress.com). Cross everything and hope that the greedy scaremongering Tories do not get another term!!


  9. sidthemanager says:

    Thank goodness – another ally to the cause. Your points are well made and I agree that a great deal of this is due to the bias from media. Five billionaires pretty much have the monopoly on the UK newspaper industry – all of them registered as non doms even though at least one of them lives full time in London. Now who would want to maintain the status quo of greed and tax dodging? Yup the same people who are being greedy and dodging taxes and they’ll demonise anyone who cares first for the environment or who thinks fair taxation and funding essential public services is a priority.

    Divide and rule is not a new idea – it worked well for the Nazis and many others since them who get to scapegoat all the usual suspects of the Daily Hate. Expect a whole pile of personal abuse and crap from those who want to protect their greed and selfishness. Expect to upset influential people too, but rest assured if you aint upsetting the bastards then you’re not working hard enough.

    Lovely bit of prose Charlotte. We’ve never met, but having read what you said I think you are a great ambassador for the fight in overcoming unfairness, inequalities and the really important and urgent environmental issues.


  10. Mike says:

    Totally agree with your stance Charlotte. I’ve been sad for the country since the exit polls came through and gutted at the final result. Austerity hasn’t worked but they continue with their ridiculous path. As a result, 60 people have died due to benefit cuts, one story by the government of a vulnerable man who starved to death after his disability benefits were cut. Not to mention rise of homelessness and food banks. I ended up homeless myself, partly due to benefit cuts when I had to claim benefits – and I’m a qualified teacher. It seems this right-wing society just doesn’t care and I personally don’t feel that I belong to it any more. It’s not the country I grew up in and remember growing up in the 70s and my partner and I have been talking about leaving the country. Besides austerity, my biggest concern is the scrapping of the Human Rights Act and the implications of that. For sure, section 44 of the Terrorism Act (which gave power to police to stop and search anyone, for any reason without suspicion but was deemed illegal by the ECHR) will certainly return but what about Freedom of the press which has been under attack in recent years (the raid on the Guardian Newspaper being one example)? The snooper’s charter is the first thing they are to bring back as Teresa May has already stated. I implore people to fight back and encrypt your communications where you can. Many such solutions are free (such as the Red Phone app). So many issues, so little space! Thank you for publicly speaking out.


  11. WriteLevelZero says:

    The issue of whether or not to vote tactically is obviously going to be more compelling if you’re in a constituency where it could go to either of the big parties, and I briefly worried about this where I am. Eventually I decided to go with my heart and voted Green. They got thirteen hundred votes, and the Tories beat Labour by over 12,000. The fact that so many people are thinking about this makes a compelling case for PR, though I, like you, would have been rather less than delighted with the amount of seats this would have yielded for UKIP on this occasion. That said, I do think it is – would have been – a price worth paying. We should be voting for the party and policies we want, not just being forced into keeping out the ones we fear the most, though I do appreciate the dilemma.

    The Conservative win is terrible blow, and a shock to the system. I booked Friday off to enjoy the SNP’s triumph in Scotland, which I hoped for and expected (though it wildly exceeded expectation) and a hung parliament across the board. Not in my deepest forebodings (and I lived through the nightmare of Thatcher) did I expect the Tories to get a majority. It’s a sickening disappointment, and my partner and I find ourselves wandering around in a daze wondering how it could have happened. The “Shy Tory” problem, I fear.

    My spirits have been slightly lifted by the anti-Conservative protests and responses in the streets and on social media. You’re right; you do have the privilege of a platform, and I for one am happy you’re using it in this way. Expect be attacked and vilified in the mainstream media, though. Tory selfishness and entitlement doesn’t like to be challenged.


  12. Charlotte, I really admire the manner in which you continue to support the democratic process, putting your head above the parapet to express your political thoughts. You are an articulate young woman with real leadership qualities and you must not stop voicing your opinions as they are not only refreshing, but incredibly valuable. You are a real role model, the voice of your generation. A voice that you must continue to share. Keep the faith!


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