More of a prosecco girl, myself

On Saturday I was one of 250 citizens who met at the Queens Street statue of Aneurin Bevan, to protest the Tories’ austerity measures, with the Cardiff People’s Assembly. Thankfully, it’s my democratic right to do so.

Whilst I was aware that my presence at the rally could attract the media, I’m sure that you’ll be shocked to hear that I didn’t do it for some self-aggrandising purpose. As I’ve stated in my previous piece, I have no wish to be trolled and abused. It would be much easier for me not to engage. I’m not promoting a record or a tv show. My only motivation for attending was to try to make a difference; to further political discourse in my community; to draw attention to a cause that is more than valid, it is vital.

Many people I know (myself included) received the news that the Tories had won a majority (and that UKIP got so many votes!) with bewilderment. It wasn’t at all what was expected, especially considering that the political conversation, that we’d seen on social media for the past 6 months, had been overwhelmingly in support of the left-wing parties. There can only be one conclusion: we’ve been preaching to the converted.

It’s all very well for me to sit in my cosy leftie bubble with my baja-sporting friends, spending our free time attending vegan popup barbecues and meeting in art centres to have a bit of a moan about UKIP; we missed the changing climate of British politics. We dismissed the growing support for the rightwing as just a few comedy racists, underestimated the momentum they were gaining, and thought that by retweeting the latest Owen Jones article, we were doing our bit. Wrong!

We need to take the action we should’ve taken before, now! Just because the piratical Conservative party now have a majority doesn’t mean that we’ve lost. On the contrary, it mean we’ve got to fight harder. Personally, I feel I haven’t done enough, and I’m going to change that.

For Andrew R.T Davies, the leader of the Welsh Conservatives, to describe my exercising of democratic freedom, as “unbecoming”, really says more than I ever could. Perhaps Andrew thinks I should get back to the ironing and stop babbling on about air-headed notions such as protecting the NHS (a system that Mr. Davies himself has been most mobile in attacking), fighting for a fairer society (a concept that entirely eludes his party), and championing the plight of those in society who are less privileged than me. Perhaps he wants to quiet me because I threaten his status as a wealthy, privately educated, white male.

As for him, and others, denigrating me as a “champagne socialist”, I have to say I’m more of a Prosecco girl, myself. I was born in a working-class family who have for generations been active in political protest. I was 9 years old when I was first taken to a demonstration by my mother, who at the time was working as a housing officer for Cardiff council. That was three years before my career as a singer began. I have earned a lot of money from creating music, but I’ve stayed in Cardiff, where my family are, where the people I grew up with are, where my roots are. I could have sacked them all off and moved to LA. I could have made a lot more money by investing in arms and oil, rather than ethically. I could have voted Tory.

Christopher Hart for the Daily Mail decried protestors as “enemies of democracy”. Democracy doesn’t just end because we’ve had an election. Trying to silence the dissenting voice is far more anti-democratic. Mr. Davies sees me carrying a placard as an insult to the electorate, “who have just spoken”. But while he spends his time criticising me, he ignores the fact that there are serious legitimacy issues with David Cameron’s government. Only 24% of those eligible to vote, voted Tory. That’s staggeringly low. And in my opinion it is completely unacceptable. I am no fan of UKIP, but if I had voted for them I’d be seriously pissed off.

The situation, though, is far from hopeless. If you feel at all like me, I beg you to get involved. Find out when a rally is happening in your area. Turn up. As it happens those who set up these marches are, in my experience, lovely people, who care about their communities; not hooligan, memorial desecrating, chodes. If we pull together then we can’t be ignored. We need to be organised, but most of all we need numbers.

There’s a march in London on 20th June outside the Bank of England. Here’s the link:

Hope to see you there.

Love and cyber-hugs,

Charlotte xxx

More of a prosecco girl, myself

207 thoughts on “More of a prosecco girl, myself

  1. Razor says:

    All I’m hearing Charlotte is ‘Blah Blah Blah’
    Get a job – it’ll fill your time and you won’t feel the need to drivel so.
    I came across this by mistake. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw you had a blog. Please don’t do it again.


    1. Charlotte Church has a job, which she does to a high level of professionalism. She’s been doing that job since she was at school. I wonder if you were working so hard in your teens that you had to sit your exams at four in the morning? As for your claim that all you’re hearing is `Blah Blah Blah,’ well, I don’t entirely agree with her, but I’m certainly hearing far more than that.


  2. Lal Saki says:

    That is a fantastic response Charlotte. Utterly brilliant. I’m still reeling from what’s happened in the election and now fear the worst as the Tories use their ‘mandate’ to do their level best to dismantle the NHS, further privatise Education, and anything else that moves.
    Nothing will change until the power of the media is broken ( I know, I don’t know how), and there is a fairer electoral system. Change those and we might have a chance.
    Most of all, none of us must fall into cult de sac of petty nationalism!
    All the very best to you.

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  3. Eddie says:

    Good for you.
    I admired your contribution to the Leveson hearings. It’s a shame, but no accident, that such Murdoch-friendly parties won both north and south of the border.
    You took an inordinate amount of dire treatment from the press, and will no doubt get some for having your opinions now, as well. Sod ’em.

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  4. Andres says:

    In 2005, Labour formed a majority government with 22% of registered votes. You say it’s “staggeringly low” and “unacceptable” for the Conservatives to form a government with 24%. Please explain the difference.

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  5. Jezral Jabbadoor says:

    If you believe that you have been preaching to the converted, why have you published this article on The Guardian? Surely that’s the ultimate ‘leftie bubble’? Why not publish it on the Mail Online? If you’re unwilling to engage with people who hold different views to your own, however unpalatable they may be to you, you’re never going to persuade them.


  6. When they start verbally abusing you and trying to divert the conversation to how much money you do or don’t have then you know you are doing the right thing. That is the MO of the gutter press and tory snipes that have so much to lose and not one ounce of compassion for those in need. Those sort of people are simply trying to raise the draw bridge and leave everyone else out in the cold.

    Keep it up.

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  7. Alexander Linaeus says:

    Charlotte Church, you are the best news to come out of this election.
    You and with support from us will need to start anew in Wales and lead the English to smash through the ceiling of English Tory domination, just like Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland.
    Protest marches and hoping for the best for the Labour Party needs much stronger impetus.
    You need to proclaim a new dimension in Wales that it too can and will go its own way, charting another course, finally separate from Tory England.
    The Welsh voter only then will be engaged, participate, have the leadership and the political party that they would like to vote for because it reflects and speaks their story, their words, their history, economics, realities and identity and society.
    It is you, Charlotte Church, with the inspiration and drive that brought you forward and now you need to do this, Speak of a New Agenda, a New Vision, a new energy, a new vocabulary. That is the only way forward for Wales and will lead and speak to the majority disenfranchised English.
    A new online newspaper, a new Comments platform, grass roots speaking and reaching and connecting to and between communities, protests, campaigns, that is what is needed to immediately stem the further harm to Wales in the next five years, so please do it NOW.


  8. Hal Adams says:

    Charlotte, until such time as we get a Socialist government would you be prepared to give all your earnings above an average wage to charities that work with the disadvantaged? If not, do socialist credentials mean that you are only prepared to do so when everybody else is forced to. Why not lead the way by giving far more than you have to. I’ve always been impressed by the maxim, when asked how much we should give to charity. We should “give until it hurts”. Do you do that?


  9. Well said Charlotte! You’re so right. And for him to have said your comments were ‘unbecoming’ does indeed say a lot more about him than it does about you. He may as well have finished his sentance with ‘for a woman’. Typical Tory bigot!

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  10. Please adopt the ideas of!

    Simple idea: make the banks pay for the unemployment they’ve caused.
    Make their top-rate of income tax ten times whatever the percentage rate of unemployment is.
    Make the bank-levy a simple presentation of the cost to the state of paying Jobseekers allowance.

    See my website for more details!

    If you think you’ve thought of a reason it couldn’t work, I bet you I’ve heard it before!


  11. Rebecca says:

    Charlotte Church we are impressed by your integrity and your willingness to stand up for others and their rights. A big thank you! You can keep the prosecco…


  12. Steve says:

    Just thought i’d say well done, i’m really impressed with what you seem to stand for, and also sorry i judged you wrong due to the so called ‘pop’/ mainstream person you have been shown as through the media lense cause of that i presumed you as shallow air head, but i have clearly been so wrong, you have a chance and more importantly passion/conviction to spread the message to young people who might not of paid attention normally or even got swept up in the right win rhetoric from horrible places like the sun or mail. again thank and sorry. please keep it up.


  13. Just being jules says:

    Well done. I must admit this surprised me in a great way. I can relate to the issues you raised. I was confident like you that the Tories wouldn’t get elected how could the polls have been so wrong.
    Unfortunately and despite the best of intentions the really nasty party is again in residence at number 10. But take heart – we all know that Camerons party is a much divided party – some would say they are at war with themselves over so many issues – there will be defections, resignations and deaths together with a defiant bunch of backbenchers so that slim majority could soon be whittled down – there is every chance that the party WONT go to full term.
    For a start how are they going to pay for all those pre-election freebies – they keeping telling us there is no money left. There is Europe (the elephant in the room), Immigration (another elephant) and now Scotland which they did there best to antagonize during the election. Some might say we could end up with another election sooner than 5 years.
    I now find that I feel empowered to reassert myself politically again. At a young age I went with my parents to demonstrate in London I attended party meetings with them did the fund raising and leafleting . And then stopped !!
    Just because the election is over are we meant to just get on with it. With that view we might as well hand the keys to government permanently to the Tories who no doubt will redraw the boundary lines to guarantee victory in 2020👍🏻
    Thanks for the kick up the arse


  14. Sandra says:

    Well said Charlotte. I agree with everything you say. Either one has a social conscience or not. Sadly too many people don’t, and are completely immersed in their own needs (sorry, wants).


  15. Ows says:

    Cheers Charlotte. You made me smile on an otherwise miserable day! I’m glad that there are still those out there who value decency over greed. x


  16. Clarabel says:

    As a nurse who occasionally likes a little bit of prosecco myself, I just want to say thanks.

    Thanks for giving us a voice.

    I know many blame labour and PFI’s /moving to CCG’s as starting this privatisation mess but the truth is they are the lesser of 2 evils. The Tory’s have too many MP’s with vested interests in private healthcare companies – in the Tories hands we fare far worse.
    The NHS is the single thing (in my biased) opinion that makes the UK truly great. Having witnessed several other countries health care I feel this to be true.

    The systematic dismantling of the NHS breaks my heart and leaves me in tears if I dwell too long on it.

    The only thing we have is our voice so let’s use it.

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  17. Fergus Murray says:

    Charlotte well done you…….don’t believe the rot Tories are best…..austerity will kick in big style now just to prove a point and satisfy an ideology that was formed in people of a privileged class with no understanding of whats it’s like to worry about where the next meal is coming from. Best wishes Fergus


  18. Reblogged this on KP Kev the Poet and commented:
    I’m trying to resist becoming infatuated with Charlotte Church but between her speech about sexism in the music industry and her Prosecco Socialist blog no woman that I haven’t met yet appears more deserving of my attention. So she’s got one up on all the women on Tinder at least. What follows is her latest blog. (Yes, Charlotte Church, who used to sing those songs your mum likes…)


  19. I’m with you on the prosecco and everything else – you summed up my feelings perfectly. Especially underestimating th threat from UKIP and how far the tories now think they can go in dismantling everything people like Nye Bevan stood for and created.


  20. Standard nonsense spouted when someone who has made a few quid stands by the ordinary people they grew up with or who make up their family. Of course the odds of someone from an ordinary background achieving any social mobility are small bit the expectation is they will switch sides and stArt moaning about the mansion tax or move their accounts to the Cayman Islands, invest in vineyards or whatever tax efficient scheme is around at the time. The right just cannot envisage that people may still hold concerns about the groups they grew up with, or that they fail to sweep away memories of going without basics or struggling to pay bills. Massively gone up in my estimation Ms Church. And as for champagne or pro secco socialists …the aim of socialism is that everyone gets a bit of champagne rather than the current arrangement where a few chuck it over the sides of their speedboats.


  21. Hi Charlotte, I was so happy to see a celebrity standing up for moral decency. Thank you. I have been HIV positive for 18 years now, the years have taken their toll. 18 years on multiple toxic meds everyday have taken their toll, I have lipostrophy, peripheal neuropathy, and frequently fall ill. This year alone I have been on 8 courses of antibiotics for various infections, long periods of illness. In all honesty I am terrified, I am currently awaiting an ATOS or Maximus medical assessment, and it is like the Sword of Damocles hanging over me everyday. I have no idea when the dreaded letter will arrive, I have sleepless nights, constant anxiety so scared am I of losing my benefits…..I will be homeless, destitute….I have no one to help me. I contemplate suicide a lot, but I am scares of that also. I have been trying to prepare for the worst by making my sculptures, in the hope that I can make it in the art world. Recently I was curated by Saatchi art online, so a glimmer of hope! No sale after 2 months as yet. I have always hated the Tories… whole family is staunch Tory, and Dad leaving the disgusting propaganda filled Daily Mail lying around by no means enamoured me to the Tories…..I saw it for what it was, like a parasite that feeds on peoples basest fears and prejudices, exploits them. To know a large number of people voted the Tories back in with a majority fills me with horror, a moral society is a civilised society, and with the Tories all morals are off the menu. My Irish passport application will soon be in the post, so ashamed am I of this country, and what it has become.
    If you took the time to read this far, thank you Charlotte, it’s plainly obvious that here is a girl, who has a soul, compassion, and empathy, a rare thing it seems nowadays, but always as beautiful when discovered.
    Lots of love,
    P.s., if you have time to register at Saatchi art, please could you favorite my wall mask? To find it google ‘marin des etoiles saatchi art’.


  22. Ben Hart says:

    Thanks for the great article Charlotte a shot in the arm and don’t let buggers get you down they only want to silence you. I’ll be there on June 20th.


  23. AndyH says:

    “When I was poor and I complained about inequality people said I was bitter, now I’m rich and I complain about inequality they say I’m a hypocrite. I’m beginning to think they just don’t want inequality on the agenda because it is a real problem that needs to be addressed.” Russell Brand


  24. Manoj says:

    Fight for what you believe. Inequality is toxic to all. Fighting to make it better for all wouldn’t be tolerated by those who stand to loose from that.


  25. Christine says:

    Well said Charlotte. My young son is disabled. I find it sickening and disturbing that the millionaire Camerons who said they would have cracked up without the NHS and the social care they received for their son are now depriving others of the same. There is no option but to fight back.


  26. Nicola Savage says:

    Your placard is hilarious-I LOVED that advert!!!! “I’m mad as hell!!”
    Your voice needs to be heard Charlotte! Go for it!


  27. Ross Nolan says:

    Charlotte, I may not entirely agree with your politics but I do deeply admire you for sticking to your guns.

    That said I think questioning the legitimacy of the Cameron vote is a questionable argument. The fact is no British government in decades has achieved much more in an election. Tony Blair actually had a lower share of the eligible vote (as against turnout) in both 2001 and 2005 yet won handsome majorities. Even in his 1997 landslide Blair only won 31% of the eligible vote. I’m sympathetic to the idea of voting reform but it is pretty disingenous to say the Cameron government is somehow especially or unusually illegitimate.


  28. Reblogged this on woodlington and commented:
    Couldn’t agree more, joined the Labour Party to formalise my support (despite helping on and off for a while) and to be more involved in the process moving forward. Started a WordPress blog (some more stuff to go on soon). I’ve been more motivated by this loss than by previous victories. We cannot let them continue unchallenged. Ps I’m on Twitter @raceyemu and if you need a second for the charity boxing match with her royal crapness then I’ll be there lol. Plenty of people plenty impressed with your stance, cheers


  29. The tory attempt to get rid of society is almost complete. We all, who value society must fight to the death to preserve it. Good on you for keeping true to your roots. Never mind the idiots who can only attack you from the sidelines. We need more people like you, who are not afraid to put their views out there.


  30. Mike Morton says:

    Well done Charlotte!! You had the courage to take some direct action, without a second thought of what others may think, to express what many people up and down this land felt after the shock election result.
    You’ve stood by you’re decision to take your anger onto the streets with other likeminded citizens of Cardiff, your home city. Cardiff should be even more proud of you now after this vocal, visual and passionate exercising of your democratic right to protest!
    I’m with you all the way….as I’m sure , are many other Welsh people…so please ignore the likes of Mr RT Davies…and keep on ‘keeping on’ !…😎😎
    Unfortunately, I can’t be in London on June 20th….I really wish I could be there. I will definitely be on the look out for other protest marches that I will be able to make a presence at!!
    Well done !! Good on You!!


  31. scottishmatters says:

    Charlotte, I enjoyed reading your thoughts and admire your taking the right to protest, whoever you are and wherever you come from.

    In Scotland, during the referendum, many like me were forced out of political passivity and had to question our beliefs against habits and heritage. I come from mining stock. I have photos of uncles I never knew, who either never returned or never recovered from trauma fighting war for the freedoms we enjoy in this UK today.
    So I started a ‘dont know’. I had a natural gut instinct to feel solidarity with everyone progressive. I came to realise that there is actually very few parties with progressive vision.
    The hardest wrench, and I’d use the word grief, was understanding that the labour party I had grown up with to vote, was no longer. That the people I admired in its movement were increasingly marginalised backbenchers, or nothing beyond nostalgic spokesmen and women. Even as I write, I feel wrenched. In Scotland, you will be aware that Labour have been eviscerated. What I can say, from canvassing and social experience, is that the majority of remaining Labour voters here are lacking in active interest in functional politics, or tribally shackled by historIcal allegiance.
    The breaking point for me was when I watched a film by John Pilger. It is free on YouTube or his website and its called Stealing A Nation. Please watch it. After you do, please Google ‘Chagos in 5 minutes’ where you can find a summary of the story of a people still suffering.

    I cannot have an answer to this human rights violation, the ethnic cleansing and slow genocide of a people, carried out not by Conservative govts, but by Labour, under Wilson, Blair, Brown. Even David Miliband helped legislate in one of the darkest and more recent chapters in this terrible true story still ongoing. This latter legislation was exposed by Wikileaks as nothing more than a front to avoid repatriation. And for what? To allow the leasing of the second largest military base to the US, a base used for rendition during and after the Iraq war.
    On 22nd May, the Chagossians will once again demonstrate in London, in Whitehall.
    Please watch the film, and do what you can to help people realise the choices available. I encourage scrutiny of your parties in Wales, and from here, I can.tell you Leanne Wood seems to be a beacon for civic nationalism. One that celebrates heritage, and fosters pride in the ability to be strong enough to help others.

    I wish Wales all the best in its voice against austerity. I hope that if we can.all say the same thing at the same time, the voice will be loud, clear and the message impossible to ignore



  32. Rob says:

    Hi Charlotte

    Thanks for taking the time to post this article. I think your decision to campaign on a matter you hold to be personally important is absolutely right, and should have nothing to do with your profile. While many people obviously have a problem with that, that should remain their problem and not yours.

    I think the biggest shock of the election has been the scale of the seats won by the SNP, and therefore the potential influence on national politics, with such a low proportion of the total vote. At a national representative level, UKIP should have more seats than the LibDems and SNP, yet actually have only one seat. Whereas I am thankful for this fact, it does highlight the inconsistency.

    On the other major point, I am not aware of any services that the NHS has stopped providing. That could be because I am somewhat divorced from the experiences of many people who have first hand knowledge of what has changed.

    Inequality is a realism of a democratic society that empowers enterprise and seeks to support the disadvantaged. Growing inequality is a realism of a democratic society that embraces a market driven economy.

    In a developed economy of a nation such as the UK, there is no place (nor excuse) for deprivation. That is not the same as inequality though and I think this point gets lost too frequently. An equal society shares national wealth without bias, therefore everyone receives the same without taking account of need. A democratic society should seek to provide equality of opportunity for all, and to support the disadvantaged (whatever the cause) to an acceptable level.

    In practice this is really hard, and requires more than a government to achieve. It requires society to embrace and fulfill this purpose because it is personal (and government is not). I think the difficulty experienced in the recent election is that no party has the right solution. No party seems willing to really embrace these hardest questions of “what kind of society do we want to be” in a way that resonates with communities across the UK.

    As a result we get the SNP, as a single issue party (Scotland first), dominating results north of the border because the other parties have allowed themselves to get out of touch. Unless something significant changes, then I do not hold out much hope for different results in the future. And that will mean pain for everyone, but for those who can afford to distance themselves from it.

    I wish you well as you continue to campaign.


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  33. Rhodri says:

    Well done, Charlotte, and well written too. I am starting to feel a little bit better having read this. The champagne socialist jibe is meaningless nonsense from the privileged and selfish.


  34. John Baker-Rabe says:

    Thank you so much, Charlotte! I know you’ll get some hideous trolling, for this, so stay strong and committed! I’m an expat Brit, living in Poland, but made sure to register my postal vote. When I lived in Britain, I was very politically active; now, I’m doing my damnedest to convince young Poles that, if they want things to change, they’ve GOT to be social and political activists! I tell them they absolutely have keep questioning the status quo, and keep asking, “Why NOT? Why the hell SHOULDN’T we?” This is in the face of extreme right-wingism in the east and outside the cities, fanatically propagated by the exceedingly reactionary bishopric of the very specifically Polish branch of the RC Church. All strength to your arm! Warm good wishes from Upper Silesia! John B-R
    PS I grew to love the Welsh, while I was a student in Cardiff! I gained a lot of friends, from the valleys.


  35. You go girl!!!!!!!!!! I am 100% behind you!!!!! I am from the Welsh Valleys and have seen the devastation of the welfare cuts. I would love David Cameron to come and live in the Welsh Valleys and see what affect his government is having on the small communities here in Wales. It’s criminal how much strain is being put on the NHS, and then the media portrays nurses as not having enough compassion. Cameron breeds greed and fear!!!! Wales will take a bad hit again from this government, it’s time to stand up!!!!!! And fight for our Communities!!!!!!


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